Coryanne Ettiene is an authority on cooking, entertaining, and kitchen lifestyle trends.  Always sassy, and forever curious, she understands that time is a commodity, quality is important, and that life is seasoned with the memories that come from the kitchen. Her casual kitchen lifestyle approach is focused on returning to basics and adapting it to fit with a busy modern lifestyle.  A passionate home cook and advocate for food that is grown, Coryanne believes that getting dirty in the kitchen is the only way to embrace the merriment and mischief that makes life a story worth telling.

A published writer, TV host, recipe developer, and social media enthusiast, Coryanne works with national iconic brands to create bespoke marketing programs that engage consumers and ignite conversations through content marketing, social media marketing, live events, cooking demonstrations and web TV programming.  She has been featured in Traditional Home, Woman’s Day, More Magazine, and other national publications, she is the host of several webTV cooking shows, and is a regular contributor to Huffington Post Live, The Daily Meal and Celebrations.com.



Coryanne Ettiene