Taste creates a memory. Mischief makes a moment. Merriment feeds the soul.

Raised in Arizona, Coryanne spent her 20s backpacking across the globe, eating her way through Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America on daily budget of $3. In her 30s, she earned her Master of Philosophy from Kings College London, and reluctantly entered domesticity with a decade of experience climbing the corporate ladder as a management consultant, and a long history of preferring London night clubs over time spent in the kitchen. However, always curious, and with a growing family to feed, Coryanne cut her teeth one cooking disaster at a time, until a tiny trickle of kitchen victories grew into a culinary passion. Today she is a nationally recognized Food and Lifestyle Expert, the managing editor of Box Nine Magazine, founder of Ettiene Media, and the owner of Ettiene Market.

Coryanne is passionate about busy kitchen tables, strong cocktails, heirloom dishes, knowing glances, gregarious laughter and the stories that remind us of what it means to share life with the ones you love; her joie de vivre is recognizable and ever present is everything she does. Coryanne lives in Dallas with her husband, their 3 children, a rather spoilt pooch, and 5 entertaining hens. She is currently day dreaming about the perfect dinner party she would host with her husband to include Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, Anaïs Nin, Anthony Bourdain, Publius Ovidius Naso, Henri De Toulouse- Lautrec, and Chelsea Handler.